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Ozan Coskun
Ozan Coskun

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Circle Poster
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Circle Poster

CIRCLE (Short film) 2019

A man confesses to a cab driver the murder he committed years ago. Cabbie realizes the story which familiar in his life.

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Circle - Dedicate(end)
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buralar güllük gülistanlık poster_en

Here it's a bed of roses

Kağan, who once dreamt of becoming a writer, lives a lonely life as a business professor. He has not written anything for a long time. An unexpected visit from a friend shakes the foundation of his routinized life. Kağan cannot make sense of why Burçin showed up many years later. He feels there is a secret behind his weird silences. Burçin attempts to motivate Kağan to write again. While constantly resisting these attempts, Kağan begins to have dreams about his desire for Burçin. The tension between the two increases when a woman joins them.

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bar scene
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